5 Ways to Enjoy Cabo San Lucas, Mx


Hola amigos como estas? I hope you’re well because I’m greaaaat!!! A few weeks ago, my family and I took a trip to Cabo and I absolutely loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself so much that I was inspired to began blogging about my experience. After 33 states and 4 countries visited, I cannot believe I am JUST NOW beginning to blog about my travels. Well it’s better to start late than never so here’s the first of many...

I am a genuine lover of Mexican culture, food, people, language, etc. My appreciation has been influenced by many years of serving at risk youth in a predominately Hispanic community in California; also from traveling to Mexico twice for mission trips. These experiences made me even more excited to travel to Cabo. I was finally getting the chance to travel to Mexico for vacation! Everything from the food to attractions, it was worth going for the third time. I left feeling as if I did everything I wanted to do. If you ever travel to Cabo consider the following:


1.The Beach


You can’t travel all the way to Cabo and not dip your toes in the water. So first things first, you must go to the beach. Whether public or private, you must find time to lounge around at the beach, frolic in the water, and take a few selfies. During my visit, I only visited the public beach near our resort. It was called Medano beach. Since it’s the beach where cruises port, it can get a little crowded and you might be bombarded by the locals attempting to sell things. However, it was a great spot for local souvenirs. Overall, it was a fun beach!


2. ATV Riding with Cactus Tours

You might want to bring your sneakers along for this trip because ATV riding through the desert is a must. In addition to the thrill of letting your hair down and releasing some unwanted stress, you’ll see some of the most beautiful beach and dessert sites in Cabo. So grab a few of your adventurous friends and enjoy the ride. Oh and you’ll also want to grab a cute shot (like the one below) with the birdies before hopping on your ride!


3. The Arc of Cabo San Lucas


I must see that Rock! That’s what I kept saying to myself on the trip. I had seen so many beautiful pictures of it on IG, I had to experience it for myself. My family and I booked a jazz dinner cruise through our resort that took us to the Arc through the Pacific Ocean. Also known as El Arco, the Arc of Cabo San Lucas is a natural rock formation between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California. A very beautiful site to see!


4. The Food

There are many great restaurants in Cabo, but below are photos of three of my favorite meals. I enjoyed Vegetarian Enchiladas from La Catrina Restaurant. The fried Red Snapper was absolutely delicious. I ate it two nights. Lastly, love the Baja shrimp and the Beach View at The Office.


5. Stroll Through Downtown

Another great thing to do in your free time is to take a stroll through downtown Cabo and the Riverwalk. Whether shopping at the markets during the day or night life at night, It was really cool to experience life away from the resort. Be sure to go with a group rather than alone