Kerri's Favorite Budget Friendly Fruit & Veggies

Cost! Cost! Cost! Costs seem to be one of the main culprits in the case of why people don’t eat healthy. I hear this all the time and I definitely believe there is some truth to this, especially if you’re trying to eat organic. However, just like shopping for anything else you want, there are ways to get what you want and not go broke while doing so. You just have to look for those sales and brush up on your savvy shopping skills.  

When I go to the grocery store, my first stop is the produce section. Its natural for me to head there vs. the snack aisle. It’s just apart of my DNA! I love whole foods, the bright colors, and the freshness of fruit and vegetables. I understand that others may not have this natural tendency. Therefore, I have made it my goal to help make shopping in my favorite section of the store as simple and inviting to others as it is for me. If cost is keeping you a way, I’m going to take on cost! I want to help debunk this notion that you can’t eat healthy on a budget.

My advice when buying produce is to try not buy everything all at once. I alternate what I buy and I don’t buy too much of one item. Produce go bad somewhat quickly so I try not to be one of those people that go to the store once a month and expect my produce to last.  I go every two weeks and if necessary, I may go in between, but I try to make it my goal to get everything I need at one time. This helps me to save money and get creative with what I purchase. Another good way to save is to plan your meals before you go to the store. Make a lists. Check to see if there are coupons that you can collect for the items on your list. Prices do range depending on the store you go to, and what’s in season, but these are some of my staple fruit and veggies that I buy. These prices are based on what I usually see when I go to Kroger

1. Apples $3.99 for a bag of 10

2. Bananas $.69

3. Carrots $1.99/ bag

4. Cucumber $.89 each

5. Romaine Lettuce 1.99/Ib

6. Spinach 1.89/Ib

7. broccoli 1.99/Ib

8. squash .99 each

9. Zuchinni .99 each

10. red potatoes 1.29/Ib

Buying some of your fruit and veggies frozen also saves money and you still get your nutrients from frozen items. Other ways to save money would be to purchase all these nutrients rich foods and less snacks and sodas. Believe it or not these unhealthy options add up just as much as your produce can. I noticed that a bag of apples ($ 3.99 for 11 apples) at Publix cost half as much as a variety bag of Lays potatoes (6.99), which means you can get two bags of apples for the price of 1 bag of variety bag of chips. I think sometimes it looks like the unhealthy option is better, but when our priorities shift we see that there is more value in choosing those apples. Yes the chips will last longer because of the preservatives packed into them, but the apples will go a much longer way because of the nutrients packed inside of them. You know what they say, “an apple a day, will keep the doctor away!