4 Words That Will Help Set Your Goals Into Motion!

We are exactly 11 days into the New Year and I’m sure by now most of us have written our goals and resolutions for the year! Whether it’s to travel more, eat a balanced diet, become financially fit, or free yourself from the fear standing between you and your purpose, writing the list is only half the step towards accomplishing the goals. So what's next? Allow me to share with you four words that have been helping me to chip away at my goals and what I believe could help you as well. These four words...Tap-into-your-strengths!!

Maybe you’ve heard this before, but I must start off by saying, YOU’RE GREAT!!! And you have this great potential for greatness right there on the inside of you! I’m sure of this because I believe that no one was created empty handed. Because God is so purposeful, nothing was created without a purpose or an ability to do what it was purposed to do. Now back to your strengths— each one of us are unique, possessing our own unique strengths and abilities. It’s true, there is something (or somethings) that no one can do quite like you can. I’m not talking about being a great singer, or writer, or basketball player. I’m talking about what’s on the inside of a person that allows them to be great at things like basketball. It’s their strengths and you must apply your personal strengths to your goals in order to achieve them.

Often times when we create goals, especially at the start of the New Year, we view accomplishing them from the perspective of our deficit. We look at ways to improve our weaknesses and are convinced that this will help us achieve our goals. You know the, “If I could only be better at A, B, and C, I could accomplish D” statement. Then we spend most of the year putting effort into the very thing that prevents us from achieving in the first place. You know what happens next? We go around that same mountain the following year.  What if we changed our perspective into one that viewed our potential through a lens of strengths? I will use myself as an example.

I love serving and uplifting people, especially those in poor communities, therefore, one of my goals this year is to take my Cultivating Kerri initiative into low income communities. In addition to finding an avenue by which I can begin to serve in these communities, I understand that I must further develop my approach to wellness. My weakness would probably be that I tend to procrastinate when I'm unsure. This leads to my goals going unaccomplished! In this case, I am unsure of the specific path to take; pretty much, I don't know where to begin. However, I know that one of my strengths is that I enjoy learning (I enjoy the process of learning probably more than the result of what i’ve learned). I am also good at investigating things and finding solutions to problems. I'm not a genius, but I'm kind of a nerd at heart. Therefore in this particular situation, I need to lead with my strengths. I need to lead with the "i'll figure it out" part of Kerrionne versus the " I don't know what to do so i'll do nothing" part of Kerrionne.

Leading with our strengths ignites passion and I believe passion gives us the confidence and drive to achieve the goal. So if the goal is to travel more, what strengths do you possess that will help you to put your travel plans into action? Is it researching, strategizing, or your ability to connect well with others. Then, lead with your strength. You desire to eat healthier? What unique ability on the inside of you will help you to develop the discipline to reach your goal? Maybe you're competitive, maybe you're super outgoing, maybe you like to connect things. Lead with your strength by connecting your eating habits to another goal such as success on your job. What process did you use when you got promoted? Pull motivation and discipline from that same place. Apply that process to your health goals. So what's next after writing your goals? You achieve them by tapping into what's already on the inside of you! Use your strengths to your advantage. 

P.S. If you need help finding your strengths, do a quick Google search and you'll find plenty assessments there to help you out.