'Tis The Season For Babies


My bestfriend gave birth last Monday! She is the closest thing I have to a sister so her giving birth was mind blowing and unbelievable to me. It got me thinking about the times we've discussed our future children and to think, the moment had arrived where future now become present.  She made the announcement to me and a few of our other friends earlier this year and we were overjoyed.  We knew he'd be due in December so we pretty much waited eagerly (or impatiently) the entire year for him to come.   

When December finally came, we checked in with her constantly to see if it was time. Around the same time, I began doing a devotional about the 'Season of Advent, the time leading up to Jesus Christ's birth, which we celebrate in December. This was my first time doing any type of study on this topic and I must say, it has been a true blessing to my spiritual life.

As we waited for Carson, I believe I started to get a glimpse of what the people of God felt as they awaited the coming of Christ. Even more, I gained a deeper understanding of what it means to wait for the second coming of Christ. Advent which means 'coming,' and was a time of preparation for the coming of the Savior. As we celebrate the first coming of Jesus, as a baby in a manger that would die for our sins and restore us to eternal relationship with God, God has been filling me with more understanding, expectation, and hope for the second coming of Jesus Christ in the last days.   

You might be wondering, "it's Christmas time why is she blogging about the last days?" Well because the second coming of Christ will be even more glorious than the first one. Christ will not be coming back as servant and the sacrifice (lamb), He will be returning as the Lion, and will once and for all destroy evil. Even a person experiencing blindness can see our world is not short of evil and probably hope of seeing better days. Waiting for Carson and waiting for Jesus has changed my perspective on Christmas.

The holidays are sometimes difficult for me because I reminisce about the loved ones I've lost and desire to have them here with me. However, this year, I feel compelled to rejoice. Rejoice for all the new bundles of joy God has brought into my life this year Regal, Reign, Major, Nori, Cairo, and now Carson. Even more I can rejoice as I CELEBRATE that Christ came and rejoice as I ANTICIPATE Him coming again. I hope this inspires someone else to rejoice and remain hopeful in what can possibly be a difficult season 💗

Kerrionne PhillipsComment