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¿Problemas o Opportunidades?

Every time I go on a mission trip, it wrecks my life!! I’m sure you might suspect that I am talking about the conditions of extreme poverty, the cold showers, strange foods, and the lack of flushable toilets—oh and the flies, can’t forget those. They were everywhere and in extremely large numbers lol. I won’t give you the slightest impression that those things don’t take their toll. Seeing the people’s lack of basic necessities can become unbearable, overwhelming, and even discouraging. You begin to question whether you can even make a dent in such a huge problem. However, those things will not be the focus of this blog. I’d rather shed a different light on my mission experience. What wrecks my life every time I go, are the people; their kindness and faith in the midst of their suffering.

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Life on the Road: Missions in the U.S

Anyone that has held a conversation with me for five minutes probably learned somewhere along the way that I have a huge passion for missions. I’m convinced it must’ve been apart of the stitching God used when He knit me together in my mother’s womb because the opportunity to leave what’s familiar to offer hope to others brings me so much joy. However, I must admit that for the longest time my perspective on missions was limited, in other words, when I thought “leave what is familiar,” I  was pretty much thinking, international. I have traveled to other countries to serve a couple times and those were some of the best experiences of my life; but, this past year, I decided to embark on a different type of missionary journey. I joined a ministry called, Silver Ring Thing (SRT), which allows me to travel throughout the U.S for 9 months spreading the gospel through the message of abstinence.

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