The Biggest Transition You Should Make


Have you ever felt as if you were on the verge of a transition? Maybe you didn't know what, how, or exactly when, but you just felt your life was heading in the direction of change. Be it a career change, location, or even a change in your relationships, you know within your heart the shift is taking place. So what’s the hold up? Actually, don’t answer that just yet! This round is on me..

What’s the hold up? That’s the biggest question I’ve had for myself and for God. I have been feeling a transition for a while and with this feeling, the dilemma of ‘where am I transitioning to?’ Now this question probably serves as the biggest obstacle in this process of change. Mainly because we know it doesn’t make sense to hop in the car if you don’t know where you’re headed, right? Not totally!

A few weeks ago, I was at my small group with friends and after the lesson, we shared our prayer request. I do not remember exactly what my prayer request was, but I do remember one of the responses I received from a group member. She said, "It's Time To Transition!” This response was like music to my ears because to be honest I am ready to transition. However, when we began to pray, God spoke something to my heart. He said, ‘the biggest transition you'll have to make is in your mind.’ In other words, it time shift your thinking.

Transition equals process. By definition, it’s the process or the journey to a new destination. This leaves me to think this transition I’ve been feeling isn't as much about the destination, as it is about my perspective. Case in point: 

When God transitioned the children of Israel out of Egypt, He transitioned them with purpose. The purpose was to bring them to the promise. He never intended for them to WANDER around in the wilderness for 40 years. However, they wandered because of their thinking, their thinking about themselves, but more so, their thinking about God. No matter how many times God revealed His character and His love to them, they couldn’t adopt the right perspective for the transition. They adopted the proper mindset to leave their previous situation, but not the mindset required to sustain them in the journey to receive what God had promised. Therefore, an 11 days journey took 40 years. 

Could it be, we are prolonging the transition due to a limited perspective about God? Like the children of Israel, I believe I've been wandering because I have been overthinking the process. In God's grace and covering, but still wandering.

So let’s do this together. Go to that place in your mind and let’s take God out of the limited spaced box we’ve placed Him in! Maybe fear, doubt, or pain from the past was keeping him there, but now that He’s out, we are back where we what’s the hold up? Actually don’t answer just yet, because if you’ve taken the limitations off of God there isn’t a hold up. So what does this mean? Do you quit the job? Do you move across the country? Do you remove yourself from this relationship? I’m not sure! But with your mindset in line with God, I believe you’ll end up exactly where He wants you to be.