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Are you ready to live well?


 inspiring and equiping women and girls to cultivate whole and Healthy lifestyles.


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Do you desire to be planted spiritually? Planted in love, grace, confidence, and resilience? You'll find tips and encouragement in our Planted content. These blogs are intended to help you establish a strong foundation and build both your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  

Nourish Your Body


Do you crave a balanced diet? We got you covered! Find great physical wellness tips, recipes, and a host of other treats in our Nourish content. These blogs are intended to support your decision to live and eat healthy so your body has the fuel it needs to drive you to all your amazing dreams.



Are you ready to flourish? Flourish in your relationships, purpose, career, and faith. Scroll through, click on, and soak in our Flourish content. It is our hope that you'll find inspiration, tools, or the catalyst you need to stay true to your personal mission and flourish wherever you're planted.


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Just as A garden must be tilled, fertilized, 
and properly nourished, we too must cultivated to reach our true state of beauty.




Traveling 36 states, Cultivating Kerri has inspired audiences large and small to lead whole and healthy lives. Book her to speak at your next event or to educate your group. Learn More


Need a cultivation coach? Kerri can help you achieve your goals through her 30 day wellness coaching system. Learn More