Mason Jar Salads #latepost


Last week, one of my sisters from my Saved In The City Atlanta life group asked me about my Mason Jar salad recipe. She had seen a picture of me on Instagram at an event with Mason Jar salads. When she brought it up, I immediately realized that she had asked me about the same recipe two months ago. And then I realized I had yet to put the recipe on my blog. A few months ago, Cultivating Kerri was apart of a student health event called SHE (Student Health Empowerment) at Spelman College (my illustrious alma mater). It was a wonderful event encouraging students to live healthy, mentally, sexually, and in their lifestyle choices. Cultivating Kerri was invited to the event mainly to discuss the importance of healthy eating. As the students approached the vendor table, I discussed wellness, provided a few infographics, and sent them away with a cute little mason jar salad to encourage healthy eating on- the- go. Mason Jar salads are so convenient. Though a #latepost, I would consider this blog still very timely. The holidays are quickly approaching and i'm sure Mason jars will be awesome for those of us that like to avoid fast food. In the midst of my busy schedule, I am planning to incorporate more mason jar salads into my lifestyle and I hope you will do so too.

Mason jar salads are fairly simple to make and you can add whatever ingredients you like. You can even take advantage of the season by adding some of the fall produce to your jar. I am hoping to make a sweet potato and kale mason jar salad really soon!!! The most important thing to remember is properly ordering the ingredients into the jar. 

  1. You will want to add the dressing into the bottom of the jar first.
  2. Then follow with your hard or crunchy ingredients (Ex: carrots, cabbage, onions, pears, etc)
  3. Next add you soft ingredients (Ex: tomatoes, berries, avocado, corn, cheese, etc)
  4. Add Protein (Ex: meat, eggs, nuts, etc)
  5. Lastly, add your greens (lettuce, spinach, etc)
  6. I've noticed that some people choose to add a damp paper towel to the top of the lettuce (optional)
  7. Seal your jar (you can shake and eat or take it with you on the go)

My recipe for the SHE event consisted of:

  1.  Dressing: Poppyseed dressing (about 2 tsp) into the bottom of each jar
  2. Crunchy ingredients: Purple cabbage and carrots
  3. Soft ingredients:  Strawberry and feta cheese
  4. Protein: Almonds
  5. Green: Spinach

It was fairly simple and delicious. The college student loved my mini mason jars. Try this simple recipe, remix it, or create your own with ingredients you love. Enjoy

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