There Is Beauty In Waiting Response

Earlier this week, I shared my personal story about abstaining from sex until marriage entitled, “There is Beauty in Waiting,” on the Silver Ring Thing blog site. When I was told the post was finally published for the world to see and read, I got a little nervous. You would think that it wouldn’t affect me in that way since I have been traveling the country for the last year and half sharing and promoting the message of abstinence, but for some reason I still had butterflies in my stomach. This time it was different! I would no longer just be sharing this message with strangers from a stage, but people that knew me would read it via the blogsite’s connection to social media like Facebook and Twitter. So you may ask, why would someone who promotes abstinence and purity be afraid of people knowing that they themselves were actually abstinent?

It’s because remaining a virgin until marriage has been a source of pride and shame for me and many other women I know. It seems as if it has lost its value. I once had a guy say, “I will never marry a virgin.” Of course, a woman should never base her value on what other’s say, but when I heard those words I felt like something was wrong with me, that somehow I was not good enough because I had made the decision to wait. At the other end of the spectrum, I have met, dated, talked to, and been friends with guys that have supported and encouraged me in my journey, which is great, but for some reason those words “I will never marry a virgin” often come back to discourage me. None of my past relationships worked, obviously because I am still single. Leaving me to occasionally wonder if me being single is somehow connected to the fact that I am not having sex with these guys and when I say this I am not talking about non-christian guys. That’s a whole other blog topic in itself so I wont even go there. 

What I am trying to say here is that, it can be hard out here for a virgin :). But I have never been one to run away from a challenge, soooo I decided to share my story. Despite the haunting question hanging there in the back of my mind, “would a guy ever think I’m worth the wait,” I decided to not only to write the post and publish it, but I decided to share it on my own personal Facebook timeline. It required me to be vulnerable and to be transparent so that hopefully others would be encouraged by the message I was sharing. And THEY WERE!!!! I was overwhelmed and shocked by the amazing feedback I received from sharing my story. Many people commented, liked, shared and even wrote their own blogs about my story of waiting and I was honored. God is so amazing!!!! When we are obedient to Him, He always goes above and beyond what we think. I have to remind myself that my decision to wait has nothing to do with my relationship status and all to do with my relationship with God and who cares about what some dumb guy has to say {now maybe that's rude, but who cares}. Clearly, he wasn't the one for me anyway talking ignorant like that....I could go on and on but I will quit while I'm ahead. If you would like to read my story from the Silver Ring Thing blog, click the link below:

There Is Beauty in Waiting