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Rediscovering Me: Confronting Insecurity

Someday I’d love to create a beautiful garden oasis in the backyard of my own home. The funny thing is, I don’t know much about gardening. I have never had a garden, nor did my parents have one in my home growing up. My dad did buy me a tomato plant once and I did my best to take care of it, but sadly it died after producing only a few tomatoes:( Often I hear those who garden talk about weeding—something that’s extremely important for the life of the garden, but a task that is not so fun for the gardener. If left unattended, weeds steal nutrients from plants, inhibiting them from reaching their full potential. I find that insecurities are much like weeds; they choke life out of us, killing our dreams and inhibiting us from becoming all that we are meant to be. These past couple months, I have been on a journey of rediscovering who I am. Let’s just say, I had to do some “weeding” in my own life. My insecurities had began to consume me. Now some might say, “that’s life, we all have insecurities.” And I would have to agree. Yes, we are all human and are susceptible to insecurity. However, there is a difference between having an insecurity and allowing your insecurity to have you. My insecurity had me!

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Expecting God

This picture reminds me that there is so much beauty in a relationship with God. It’s been about seven years since I’ve given my life to Christ and as I examine how that decision has impacted me, I realize that this relationship is like no other; it transforms you. However, this transformation, I’ve noticed, is not always in ways we expect. 

Many of us girls grow up watching fairy tale movies, where some maid or mistreated young woman meets this prince and becomes a princess. Usually some type of transformation takes place where she leaves her old life behind, gets an extreme makeover, and then lives happily ever after with her prince. I often think we expect our lives to go somewhat like this when we begin our relationship with God: a quick transformation, no pain, no hardships, no disappointment. 

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